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Hunters have a tendency to let the deer herd fend for themselves in the spring and summer while they work on fall food plots.  But the spring and summer may be the most important time to supplement a deer’s diet.  They are recovering from winter, bucks are growing antlers and does are tending and nursing fawns.  

Come spring, it’s time to switch gears and start supplementing a deer’s diet with protein and minerals for maximum antler growth.  One of the best ways to help deer in your area – not to mention draw them in front of your trail cameras – is with minerals. Minerals are both highly attractive to deer and beneficial to their overall health.  And as deer begin to feed on new growth in the spring, their desire for these minerals will increase and stay high throughout the spring and summer as bucks develop antlers and does look for added nutrition to aid in the latter stages of fawn development and lactation.    

There are a lot of mineral products out there, but we feel we have one of the easiest products to use! Unlike most minerals, which are poured onto the ground, our Mineral Mizer Bag is a product you hang.  The porous bag uses moisture in the air to slowly drip a steady supply of minerals onto the ground.  This design maximizes the use of your minerals and last for several months, reducing the number of times you have to visit the area to refresh the mineral supply. That, in turn, helps reduce the amount of human disturbance in your hunting area.    

Deer antlers are amazing, aren’t they? Each year, they are cast off and the growing process starts all over again. By fall, they have matured into hardened masses, which denote a buck’s maturity and social status.    

Our Mineral Mizer Bag is READY TO HANG and available in Apple, Acorn or Persimmon flavor.


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